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Network Monitoring

IT doesn't have to be boring.

Over the years, the network became an essential part of the business and our lives. Nowadays, we need to monitor all network layers and components such as switches, routers, firewalls, servers, virtualization, services, printers, cameras, and IoT devices.

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Agentless monitoring solution for hybrid infrastructures

NetCrunch is an easy to install and use, affordable solution for network monitoring. Thanks to NetCrunch, you can always see the state and performance of various network components. What's more important, you get alerted in case of failure or performance degradation.

  1. Uptime Monitoring Most fundamental monitoring to check if various services are up
  2. Network Topology Monitoring Find any node on physical segments maps or routing map automatically created bye NetCrunch More >
  3. Bandwidth Monitoring Monitor bandwidth on switches and routers. Quickly access real time data if needed. More >
  4. Flow Monitoring Analyze and monitor traffic flows with Cisco NBAR2 application analysis
  5. Devices Monitoring Monitor any device, for configuration, performance and hardware status More >
  6. Server & Virtualization Monitoring Monitor servers across all levels. Hardware, virtualization operating systems, containers, and applications More >
  7. Log & Events Monitoring Easily collect and monitor text logs and Windows event log events. Receive syslogs, traps or web messages
  8. Cloud Services Monitor various cloud services from AWS, Azure, Google and others
  9. Configuration Store and monitor configuration changes. Over 130 popular device profiles included,
  • Monitor wide range of devices, services and applications

    Monitor devices, configuration, hardware, network bandwidth, traffic, service uptime, virtualization, and much more. NetCrunch offers wide range of monitoring capabilities and goes outside typical network equipment. Beside monitoring computers, and networking devices, it monitors undersee scientific equipment, factories, traffic lights, video recorders, broadcasting equipment etc.

    Explore NetCrunch monitoring capabilities

  • Quickly identify problems using NetCrunch dashboards and maps

    NetCrunch makes things easy. It's fast, easy to configure and offers clean visualization. With NetCrunch, you can start monitoring in several minutes. Probably, you will spend the most time collecting all the needed credentials.

    Explore NetCrunch features

  • Use live maps to visualize network topology

    Easily locate device on physical segment or routing map and check live bandwidth utilization. Create custom live graphical views as dashboards or diagrams presenting various aspects of the network, devices and applications.

  • Advanced alert management, notifications, analytics and integrations

    NetCrunch automatically correlates alerts by default and automatically closes them when detecting the issue is resolved. You can always focus on what's important. Besides simple notifications, NetCruch can execute remote control actions in escalation steps.