De Twentse Zorgcentra - NetCrunch Success Story

Twentse region, Enschede, Netherlands

“NetCrunch helped us big time by finding the problem with a main HRM application that we use. The supplier pointed to our network being the cause of the problem, but with NetCrunch we were able to trace the problem back to the application itself. Thank you for that. ”

Frank Peters
De Twentse Zorgcentra

Key benefits:

  • Quick reaction time
  • Easy delivery of management information
  • Finding problems on external applications that cause network issues

The Challenge

Before implementing NetCrunch,managing the network was hard due to several software solutions being used. It was very challenging to link the data from various systems to generate management reports. Lack of a proper, comprehensive network management system resulted in problems with IT infrastructure, which in most cases were otherwise avoidable.

The AdRem Solution

The IT staff at the organization had experience with other network management software provided by a leading IT vendor, but after some testing they decided to implement NetCrunch. This step strongly improved the efficiency of their work.

As Frank Peters from De Twentse Zorgcentra says, NetCrunch helped them find a big issue in a human resources management application used by the organization. Its supplier placed the problem in the network, but NetCrunch indicated the issue in the application itself. The IT staff was surprised, because none of the previously used network monitoring software had such potential.

Moreover, the administrators at the organization liked the built-in web access feature and the wide possibilities to create custom views with their own background images.

NetCrunch helps the IT specialists at De Twentse Zorgcentra to solve problems before users can be affected by them. Thanks to NetCrunch, they have the possibility to react quickly and solve the minor issues before they become real problems.

About De Twentse Zorgcentra

De Twentse Zorgcentra (The Twente Care Centers) is an organization that helps intellectually disabled people to deal with every day demands. This includes help at home, weekend and holiday care, assistance with housing and day care, also supported employment. The organization employs over 2300 people and cooperates with 500 volunteers. Although settled in Enschede, the organization is present in 38 localizations across Twente region and serves approximately 1400 clients (908 fulltime care, 490 daytime care).

The IT infrastructure at The Twente Care Centers consists of 40 servers running Windows 2003, Linux and Netware, over 140 other network devices and about 600 workstations. The whole IT staff is centralized in one location and consists of 5 people.