Dynamic Visualization

Discover NetCrunch dynamic visualization, transforming complex network data into clear, actionable insights.

NetCrunch dynamically updates all visualizations in real time, offering an immersive experience in network monitoring.

  • Network Mapping Automatic Network Topology Maps Discover the power of automation with our Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology maps. These maps are generated automatically, clearly visualizing network connections and routing paths for efficient network management.
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  • Status Status Overview and Top-Charts Access instant snapshots of network performance with our integrated dashboards. Featuring overview status and top charts, these dashboards provide a seamless monitoring experience, highlighting key metrics and trends at a glance.
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  • Graphical Custom Maps, Diagrams, and Dashboards Elevate your monitoring with customizable graphical data views. Create your own maps, diagrams, and dashboards to suit unique requirements, enabling a personalized approach to network visualization and analysis.
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  • Insights Detailed Node Analysis and Rich Insights NetCrunch goes beyond surface-level monitoring, offering detailed insights into every node, whether a switch, server, printer, or SNMP-supporting device. Delve into comprehensive data to thorough.