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WMI Tools

Free toolkit to access WMI information locally and remotely. You can add own queries and create custom views.

  • General Info

    This view presents a general summary of the system.

  • Processes

    This view shows a list of active processes and their resource utilization.

  • Services

    This view shows a list of installed services and associated details.

  • Event Log

    This view shows all available event logs on a given machine.

  • Hardware

    This view shows details of various hardware components of the machine.

  • Operating System

    This view shows software components' details of the machine operating system.

  • WMI Explorer

    In this view you can define and use custom WMI queries.

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NetCrunch Tools are provided as a freeware, mainly as an add-ons for NetCrunch Monitoring Platform. Please understand that we cannot provide in-depth support for these programs.

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